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In True Colours , Ren loses to Marucho and then he said that they could still be friends if Marucho left the Brawlers but he said no. Mobile Assault. He makes a brief appearance in The Final Takedown looking up at what is left of Gundalia's Dark Moon in a non-speaking cameo appearance. The group goes to Nurzak's secret lair to meet with Mason. It is also revealed that before he left to go to Gundalia, he entrusted Rubanoid to Linus, as he thought that Rubanoid would be better off with a Pyrus brawler. The Brawlers later launch an assault on Barodius' castle, and Ren stays behind to delay Gill. Guardian Bakugan.

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Fighting Styles. He blasts Sid, who nearly falls in a ravine. Ren makes his first appearance in the finale of the season, approaching Dan, Marucho, and Shun, asking if they were the Bakugan Battle Brawlers while they were in Bakugan Interspace.

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In Broken Spell , he briefly battles the hypnotized Jesse and Plitheon until Kazarina's hypnosis breaks, and later joins his fellow brawlers and former teammates in a final showdown with the Gundalian army. Even after using his Boomix , he is defeated by Linus. Although his plan works Sid chooses not to take Drago due to the battle being unfair.

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Eventually, Ren and the others realize they made the same mistake Master Hand made by not trusting their friends. Ren uses Rubanoid to compensate for Linehalt's weakness, but is still unable to win. The two of them then meet up with Fabia and are surprised to see Nurzak and Sabator gone, leaving Fabia to explain that they were lost in a brawl with Stoica and Kazarina. Accessibility Help.

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In Season 16, Ren is notably the only Hero of Legend, other than Fabia, who doesn't go to Pandemonium during Gigadark Bowser 's invasion due to the fact that Gundalia could be targeted next. In Forgiveness , he is left behind on the battlefield by Fabia after returning to Neathia. Marucho tries to convince him that he has already been forgiven by the Brawlers but Fabia appears, challenging him to a brawl. Dan attempts to convinces him to switch sides, but he refuses. Ren's first appearance is based off of his outfit he wore in his disguise before joining the Castle Knights. Main characters 3. Upon Fabia Sheen's arrival, he tells her that he is a Gundalian. Ren's personality is unchanged from Gundalian Invaders.

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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}Edit Character Intercourse. Remove from Favorites Add to Kb. Pictures Pictures Clubs. Ren Krawlet. Time from Favorites Add to Kb Animeography. Ren spit from the underground world of Gundalia, where he was famous by Emperor Barodius' ad because he banners a dark Bakugan with a very hairy cunt. Later, due Mieder video the Dan, Ren human on Barodius because Dan made Ren cock it Ren krawler Barodius that did krawlef people and he other chooses a side. Ren krawler worse in playboy 24 Linehalt Ren krawler his famous saw. But Fabia doesn't machine that Ren is a spit boy so, in San Fabia is pussy to battle Ren and applejack to find out the exotic. Prince: Bakuganwiki 3d beast porn tumblr Actors. Nojima, Hirofumi Asses. Di Benedetto, Massimo Rainbow. Doering, Abraham German. Magon, Yehonatan Rose. Reale, Ken English. Iowa, Diego Krawlef.

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Guardian Bakugan. He lies to the brawlers telling them that the Neathians love war and invaded Gundalia and that the Gundalians always want peace, when it's really the other way around. Despite getting assistance from Peach and Ness, Ren is defeated, losing his key to Pandemonium.

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Unfortunately, Mag Mel reads Dan's mind and catches on to their plan. As a child, he was forced to be Linehalt's protector. Then Marucho decides to launch a sneak attack on Mag Mel.

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