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Using the escape pod Lando mentioned she managed to escape back to the Ghost. Kanan in return informed her about their meeting with Azadi]], who had informed Ezra about the fate of his parents. Hera war die geborene Anführerin, hielt sich fürs erste doch lieber zurück. She instead told Ezra and Chopper they would proceed with the exchange. Hondo also thanked Hera for the rescue but then demanded to be paid. When Hera asked what happened, the boy claimed that he saw Maul. Hera Syndulla war Kanan Jarrus eine verlässliche Hilfe und verband aufgrund ihrer langen Zusammenarbeit eine besondere Beziehung mit ihm.

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As a result, Hera and Kanan learnt that the kyber crystal was being transported by a convoy consisting of three Gozanti -class cruisers. Now reunited with his daughter, Jedi Master Ezra Bridger must train her in the ways of the force, and prepare her for what is to come Meanwhile, Hera and Sabine manned the helm of the Ghost while Zeb manned the ship's rear turret cannon.

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During the briefing, Sato shared a recording from a rebel agent called Fulcrum who informed them that several cadets at the elite Imperial Skystrike Academy were planning to defect to the rebellion. He needs to find answers to try to make sense of all of this and return things as they were Despite promising Ezra that he would spare his friends, Maul secretly ordered his droids to execute the prisoners. The rebels' problems were further compounded when an Arquitens -class command cruiser captained by Agent Kallus exited hyperspace behind them.

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When she noticed that Ezra Bridger was distracted, Hera reminded him to stay focused because he had been assigned leadership of the mission. During the fighting in the spaceport, Ezra was separated from his team but managed to return to Hera. Along the way, they passed by Captain Slavin and the blue-skinned Grand Admiral Thrawn; the mastermind behind the recent Imperial advances in Tann province. Slavin was fooled by her charade but Thrawn quickly deduced that the servant girl was none other than the rebel fighter Hera Syndulla, the daughter of Cham and a key rebel operative.

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She knows of things that happened before she was born, not from stories. Working together with the Twi'lek rebels, the crew of the Ghost resolved to prevent Imperial reinforcements from retaking the fighter carrier. Shortly later, Sabine informed Hera and the other rebels that an Imperial fleet had just departed Lothal. The other rebels managed to escape the lockdown and also rescued Tseebo, who had been hiding in Ezra's former home. Using the Ghost ' s signature modulation, Kanan piloted the ship past the Imperial blockade on Lothal and managed to evade several pursuing TIE fighters. When the rebellion failed to pass an Imperial blockade, clone trooper Rex advised that they seek out Quarrie : an engineer who had built a powerful new kind of starfighter. During the fighting in the spaceport, Ezra was separated from his team but managed to return to Hera. Since Kanan's friend Okadiah and his team had recently gone up to the moon, Hera and the rebels traveled there on Kanan's cargo hauler Expedient. Yushyn demanded that the rebels surrender.

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Stream the best stories. With the help of Calrissian's droid W1-LE , Sabine created sensor buoys that could replicate the signal of the shuttle and throw of the Imperial forces hunting for them. While Hera admired Kanan's courage and wanted to recruit him, she decided to focus on her mission to investigate Vidian's reason for visiting the Gorse system. Hera and her rebel companions with the exception of Chopper then boarded the Star Destroyer; Chopper stayed behind to look after their stolen Imperial freighter.

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Hera rendezvoused with Rex's team, Saw, and Klik-Klak in the air shaft. On the planet Garel, she sent two pilots to pick up fighter parts in Garel City 's market place. In return, Hera asked Sabine if she could trust her and promised the Mandalorian girl that she would eventually understand the cause they were fighting for. Upon traveling there, Hera devised a plan which involved the rebels raiding the depot while Chopper stayed behind with the Ghost to watch out for Imperial forces.

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