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Winfield From Kishin Houkou Demonbane TV Winfield is a skilled boxer and fighter, which makes him perfect for doubling as a butler and bodyguard. Sebastian works in the Phantomhive Household alongside Baldroy, Finnian, Mey-Rin, and Tanaka and usually takes care of the mess that they made around the house. Book now to avoid disappointment. Subaru Konoe From Mayo Chiki! Mosquito Soul Eater. He's tall, dark, and can kill you with a microfilament wire: in other words, the perfect butler if you need a butler who's armed and dangerous, and good in a pinch. Butler Skills The Modern butler should have classic and contemporary butler skills. We'll just leave that image here as evidence, and let you make your own judgement call on this one. Thanks to his past jobs, Hayate gained variety skills ranging from cooking to identifying fake artifacts. Previous Articles.

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After the story was told, Johann Agares draws lots to the decide the competition roster for the first round. He serves as a butler for Sir Integra Hellsing, the leader of the Hellsing Organization and is in charge of designing and making special weapons for Alucard and Seras Victoria. Hidaka, Rina Japanese. As a fellow butler, Merry is very faithful and protective towards his mistress Kaya.

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Fuyutoki is the head butler of the Giou Clan. Perhaps you're a bit of both! Integra Hellsing's butler might be one of the older butlers on our list, but that doesn't take away from his attractiveness. Licensors: Media Blasters.

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His shoulder-length black hair and seductive eyes are a great combination that lands him on this list. As the leader of the 4 Devas, Ayumu Toujou along with his companions are the dojo guardians of the Yagyuu Family. Thanks to his past jobs, Hayate gained variety skills ranging from cooking to identifying fake artifacts. Calm, resourceful and multi-talented, Sebastian is the perfect butler material anyone could ask for. Soma then spots Ciel in the crowd and cites about the letter that Ciel has sent him. Norman Burg The Big O. In certain cases we will allow you join that programme. Dress Code The dress code for students attending the school and for site visits is as follows: Gentlemen must wear a shirt, collar and tie and a suit.

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Daichi, Kaoru Supporting. Edit Ending Theme "my starry boy" by Nakahara Mai. Soon after, Ciel relieves his exasperation on Sebastian and declares that he will make Maurice regret ruining his hard work.

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Below, we share our hand-picked list of the hottest butlers in anime, listed in no particular order. He then explains the system of Weston College, and identifies the members of P4. If you can't find a perfect butler for you, you can always just build one. He is known to hold high regards to the sense of respect, as he shows his calm and cool demeanor for those who respected him.


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